Brief Bonus Post


This is my “Under construction” post. I was tired of the other theme so if you come here every day for a few days and everything looks different every time, it’s ok. I’m not trying to be Facebook, I’m just trying a few things out and making some adjustments here and there. It will all settle down soon, I promise. (:

You go Carrie!


Recently I saw Carrie Fisher on the Today show and she talked about how she lost fifty pounds. Fifty! Good for her. I also liked that in her interview it was more about how she felt and how her life was different and improved as a direct result of losing the weight. She does mention how she did it, and it wasn’t the program I used, but I don’t care! I hope she has some good aftercare though, one of the reasons I didn’t do another program is because none of them seem to have any sort of “then what” plan for what to do once you’ve eaten their food to get to the size you want to be.

Anyway, you can see video of her on this page, but you can also skim the article for the good quotes. (:



Yes, my little blog has gotten dusty lately. But I am still on plan! I am currently “stuck” at 49.5 pounds lost. It seems silly to be stuck at practically 50 pounds, but I’ve been there for like a week now and I want to kick it up a notch!

I will have a technology post up here shortly, talking about what I have used as handy techno tools for getting through this.

I will also have a post up about pants sizes when you are a girl and how much they suck.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, I have updated my theme here and the header too. It’s bacon. I miss bacon. I know it’s coming back, but I miss it right now.

Hopefully you haven’t missed me too much, but I will be back to a regular posting schedule soon, I promise.

FOOD: Somehow lately I have really enjoyed the Nacho Cheese Puffs. I don’t know why, I guess I’m going through a crunchy thing or something, I’m not sure. But I like them lately.

TIP: Seriously, sleep is where it’s at. You’d never know it to look at my post times, but I can totally tell if I don’t get enough sleep. When I sleep poorly I can REALLY tell the difference. I feel like I used to feel before I started to get it together! So yeah, go to bed. I mean it! (:



As of now I am halfway to my goal of One Third Less Kelly. I guess that means I am currently at 1/6 less Kelly, if I am doing the math right.

If you are on some sort of program/plan and you are looking for clothes, here’s my tip: Fashion Bug. If you have one, you should TOTALLY go there because they always have something nice looking on sale. As an added bonus I think they cut a little slack on the sizes too. So not only can you get something reasonably priced, but a little ego boost of being a size smaller than you might be otherwise is also pretty nice.

I know this because I had to order a pair of jeans since they didn’t have the right size in the store, but they are size EIGHT. This is terribly exciting because it was part of my quest to get to single digit pants sizes, and here I am! I know it’s only sort of, but still! I’ll take it.

FOOD: Not so much about food but about beverages today: I know some of my little rules I’ve made are arbitrary, but they are working so I am sticking with them. One of them is that if I drink something colored that I can see through, it only counts for half the amount. So if I have a 16 oz iced tea, I only count it as 8 oz of water. If I drink something I can’t see through, it counts as extra water I have to drink. So 8 oz of coffee means I need an EXTRA 8 oz of water in my day. This isn’t based on science or anything, it’s based on motivating me to drink water, and when I have coffee or soda (my two biggest “can’t see through” beverages), I’m sorta jittery from the caffeine so I need a countermeasure.

TIP: I think I already gave it, and it’s Fashion Bug. You can also look for a thrift store or better yet, a consignment shop near you. Then someone gets a little cash in their pocket from clothes they can’t use that you can.

Group: Sleep Edition (52)


Last night in group we talked about sleeping. (Yesterday’s post about karaoke was more what was on my mind so I went with that instead.) Sleep is important, because that’s the part that helps you repair your mind AND body for the next day. Sleep, not naps. Sometimes a nap is ok, but remember a nap is considered 30 minutes or less, otherwise your brain starts to think it’s actual sleepy time and will start to rev up for REM cycles and all that, then when you wake up you feel all out of whack.

I like sleep. I haven’t felt rested in a LONG time, but now I do wake up with more energy and less dread of the oncoming day. I think part of that was what time I went to sleep, but also I wasn’t doing my body any favors with freezer burritos and Easy Mac. Now I mostly go to bed, go to sleep, and sleep well until it’s time to wake up. I still think we need a new bed, but I feel less urgent about it now that I am able to get actual sleep.

I also had a few ideas for things to write about here, so at least I have some ideas for days when I don’t have any ideas. That’s helpful. (:

FOOD: OK not food, but beverages. One interesting side effect of sleeping better is that I don’t really dig caffeine anymore. I like a good cup of coffee and I like a soda every now and then, but I don’t require Rockstar for breakfast anymore (yes, anymore implies that was once the case, and that is true).

TIP: Get some rest, not sleep. Spend five minutes with your eyes shut, and just concentrate on your breathing. This is something that works for me, and it works better than a nap. I also like to sometimes just stop and take three deep breaths with my eyes shut and that helps me refocus and keep at what I’m doing.

Exercising (51)


Last night I dashed off my post before leaving for the evening. I went roller skating with my friend Jeff. We had a GREAT time. We talked and skated and entertained each other and I had a giant thing of water and didn’t want soda. It was so much fun. And no huffing puffing or sweating which Michelle says are big no-nos, so we kept it at a reasonable pace. I had forgotten how much I like roller skating. I gotta get back on that!

It’s weird to keep finding my inner active person. It’s been so long!

Today a friend of mine said on Twitter that he was cold and thought he might need a new vest. He was of course, referred to me to help get him toasty. I wish we had some sort of Before and After program where you signed up and like, got together and once you’d lost a certain amount of weight you could get a gift card to the employee store and get yourself a little something. A few weeks ago I took the rest of my Employee Store passes to my meeting and I gave them out so people get something a size or two smaller and they really appreciated it. I told you, I like helping out. (:

Food: Change it up! This is more for me than you, but come ON Kelly, you gotta switch it up sometimes! If you get bored you will want to cheat and you don’t want that. So try different veggies sometimes!

Tip: Get over yourself! Again, more for me than you. I’m not embarrassed about the triumphant return of my cheekbones, so I need to act like it. I mean, I do sometimes act like it, but if someone asks what’s working for me I will always tell them.

More events (50)


We wrapped up WordCamp yesterday. We worked REALLY hard. But since it was Saturday and Sunday, I don’t know how I’ll do the rest of the week as far as energy. I have a lot more than I used to, but I don’t like not having a break!

It was awesome. I had such a good time. I really like helping with events, I think it’s fun. I always take good care of the people who help out, too. I had two people who were signed up to help me both days and when food came they got food early, they were thanked a lot, and knowing I had someone I could ask and make something happen was invaluable. What a relief!

Well after our sessions wrapped up and we put the place back together, we went to dinner. It was nice, I got to have a meal with some new friends (I hope!) and some old ones. It was fun. It was at Nicholas II. Now if you don’t know, there are a few of these glorious restaurants around town. They are delicious. They are also pita-heavy. No really! They bring one out and it is HUGE, so yeah, it’s heavy. I broke down and had one bite of bread. Then I had some grilled meat and some veggies with hummus for dinner. It was really good, and since I had my built-in measuring, I knew about how much I was supposed to eat. That didn’t make it any easier, but I know I can do some of that stuff eventually, so it will be ok. Mostly I miss tortillas, that’s the one I need to figure out.

Today I just tried to survive, and it seems I’ve made it, so we’ll try again tomorrow. I didn’t weigh myself this morning in case, and I took a couple gratuitous trips up and down stairs today so maybe if I mismeasured or my window won’t allow me to have bread I’ll be ok. I’ll let you know tomorrow!

Events (48)


I. Am. Exhausted.

Today was the first day of WordCamp Portland and it’s a truckload of fun, but this year I’m A/V coordinator so it’s been hectic, most of my stuff all comes down to arranging in the small window before someone actually starts their talk, so I didn’t have as much prep work up front and virtually all of it is day-of, which is today and tomorrow.

I had a serious headache start to brew in the afternoon, so I went home instead of to the party tonight. I’m hoping this means I will be able to survive tomorrow and tomorrow’s afterparty. I managed to eat on time or almost on time all day even with everything else going on so that was nice. I’m trying not to be surprised I am on top of things like that so it seems more like a habit and less like success at trying something new.

I am beat, so I am going to bed.

FOOD: Shakes “on the go” were easier than I thought. I took my blender bottle and while it wasn’t the icy cold I’m used to since I tend to toss a couple ice cubes in my shakes, it was still not bad. What was bad was “Hey 250+ people at WordCamp, THE PIZZA IS HERE!”* and having the whole place smell like pizza for two hours. (sigh) I did it though. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

TIP: Be honest with yourself. Be honest with others too, sure, but mostly yourself. If you know in your heart of hearts you aren’t gonna eat that veggie, don’t buy it! Find ones you actually do like or try some new places to uncover things you didn’t even know you could design.

I keep falling asleep writing this so I’m off to bed now. (:

*: Did I want Pizza? Heck yeah I wanted pizza. Did I have any? heck no. That felt better than it sounded but yeah it was definitely sub-optimal.)

Car-aoke (47)


So, I like to call it “car-aoke”: Me singing along in my car. I have a playlist on my phone of special songs I like to sing along to, and some even have their own car-eography (which is when you dance while you are driving) to go with them. I like to do karaoke too, the regular way in a bar with other people.

I noticed on my way home recently that singing along felt different, and it seemed like I sounded a little different too. I wonder if that’s real or imagined. I like it but I don’t know what caused the change.

FOOD: I am not a fan of the hot chocolate. So far I can’t get it to mix properly and when I heat it I don’t seem to get anyplace, it never turns into what it seems like it is supposed to. And since I’ve never succeeded at it I don’t know if it ever will. (All tips on the hot chocolate are appreciated.) Maybe if I made it while singing the song?

TIP: This comes from an earlier post of mine: Do you really need new pants, or do you just need a belt? Think long and hard and see which it is you are actually in need of. Don’t save those recently baggy clothes forever, but until you’re down to a new size for awhile (or have a ways to go till your goal), a belt is cheaper and helps you get all you can out of what you have.

Shopping (46)


At work today I went to the employee store and checked out the new stuff for fall and winter. I was looking at pants and guessed I’d need one size smaller than I was when I started, but I was wrong! I’m down two pants sizes! Hooray!

Also I tried on the two size smaller pants, but they were still impossibly long. So I didn’t get them since this all started because of my ongoing saga of ill-fitting pants. So instead, I bought a belt. (:

I also got a hug today from a woman I’ve talked to about medifast and how it’s doing for me. She said I am an inspiration and when I told her how much I’d lost she hugged me. It was nice! When she was leaving she looked me up and down and said “I hate you! But like, in the nicest way.” it was awesome. I say that because last week I said at Beer and Blog my goal was I wanted to go be mean to someone and get called a skinny bitch! (:

Yes I am kidding. (Hi Mom!) but it would sure be nice. I’m only part of the way along my path but I like to look ahead and daydream about the long term stuff.

Tomorrow: Car-aoke and how it is different!

(no food or tips today, sorry.)